Our History

In 1982, Don Thornberry was working on a project called 'Long Run Ditch'. It was during this project where he met Ronald Clark. Ron quickly took a liking to Don, recognized his dedication and passion, and saw the entrepreneur in him! Ron took Don under his wing and became his mentor. Ron encouraged Don to start his own company. Don was doing well with his current job and company and while the thought intrigued him, he took the suggestion as a compliment, but put it on the back burner.

Old looking photo of Don
Old photo of Don and Ron

Eventually, Don’s employer notified employees that they were going bankrupt. This was a turning point for Don and his family. He either had to find a new job or seriously consider Ron’s suggestion of starting his own business. Don approached Ron about the seriousness of his suggestion. Ron was absolutely resolute about his suggestion and believed strongly that with Don’s strong work ethic, motivation, and talent, he could be extremely successful. Ron was so confident that he immediately invested $10,000 into the project.

Where We Started

With Ron’s $10,000 investment, T&C (Thornberry and Clark) was created and run out of the back of a 1977 Ford Ranchero. Through successful business management, loyal employees, commitment to hard work and safety, exceptional quality of service, longstanding partnerships with reliable and skilled vendors and subcontractors, along with dedication to maintaining a strong community connection, T&C has withstood the test of time to remain a mainstay in the Kentuckiana Construction industry.

Don was able to take Ron’s initial $10,000 investment and not only pay back Ron’s original investment, but also turn that into 1.2 million dollars. Don takes great pride in the business he created and equates a great deal of his success to his mentor, and by supporting and valuing his employees, as Ron supported and valued him. When asked what the key to his success has been, Don will quickly respond with, “Taking care of your people and always do what you say you are going to do.” He applies this to not only his approach to business, but to his relationships with family and friends.

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