Big 4 Bridge

The Big Four Bridge was initially completed in 1895 and carried trains across the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana. After sitting idle for decades, the Big Four was re-purposed to carry pedestrian and bike traffic between Waterfront Park in downtown Louisville to downtown Jeffersonville.

Phase 1

The project’s first phase was to demolish the existing railroad remnants and provided significant rehabilitation to the bridge structure itself. Part of the restoration included replacing more than 40,000 rivets with modern, high-strength bolts.

Phase 2

The second phase included the installation of pre-cast deck sections and a 2-inch overlay of epoxy concrete. The second phase included building out the new deck that you walk on today, which is made possible by installing pre-cast deck sections and a 2-inch overlay of epoxy-concrete. With a final touch to the bridge being the painted railroad track, meant to be a homage to the history that the Big Four Bridge has.

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