Captains Quarters Marina

Captains Quarters Marina was the brainchild of D.I. Long, principal of the Fourth Avenue Corporation. D.I. Long was an early developer responsible for some of the most recognizable destinations in Louisville.  The story is told that the marina was so crucial to Mr. Long that instructions to complete the project were included in his will after his passing!  His passion created one of the most beautiful boating/residential spots in the city.

The marina itself was constructed over two years. The first year consisted of excavating the marina itself. Due to its depth and proximity to the river, groundwater was a massive challenge to construction. T&C used a very innovative technique that employed a pair of large irrigation pumps typically used for farming to lower the water table. This system was running 24 hours a day, every day until the marina was filled. During the excavation process, the highly wet material was stockpiled on the future residential site.

During the final year of construction, the wet material excavated the previous year was redistributed and dried to create the residential area above the floodplain. All utilities and roadways were then constructed for future development. During this period, the docks were also added to the marina.

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