Westport Road Widening

During the 1980s and ’90s, Westport Road was a two-lane road connecting St. Matthews to the newly burgeoning suburbs along LaGrange Road and Oldham County. By the late ’90s, the corridor was so heavily used that traffic was a constant nightmare. KYTC began widening this corridor in the early 21st century, and T&C was selected to construct one of the most extensive sections from Hurstbourne Lane to Lyndon Lane.

This project was genuinely multi-disciplined! The new roadway width and alignment caused massive utility relocations to be necessary. This included sanitary sewers, water mains, storm drainage features, as well as electric and fiber optic facilities.

While utility relocation was underway, roadway excavation and new structural components were constructed. One of the unique structures was a precast concrete arch bridge over a stream.

Once the utility relocation and structural features were completed, the curbs, asphalt, and sidewalks were constructed to complete the project. While this project was completed nearly twenty years ago, it is still a highly functional project, efficiently handling 21st-century traffic needs beautifully.

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