Woodford Reserve

One of T&C’s oldest relationships is with locally distilled spirits giant Brown Forman.  In the early nineties, T&C was invited to bid on a project renovating the legendary Labrot & Graham Distillery, which today makes the iconic brand Woodford Reserve.

In the earlier project, T&C completed site and utility restoration/revitalization for the distillery. No one knew at the time just how popular the brand would become. That popularity led to an explosion of demand and the need for multiple new warehouses to store the product while in its maturation process.

Due to the relationships formed in that early project, T&C has since completed several warehouse projects for the brand. These projects included mass rock excavation, pad construction, roadways, and parking. The projects also included the standard utility construction (drainage, sewer, & sanitation), plus more unique facilities such as bourbon transmission lines!

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