Specialty Construction

T&C has completed many special and unique projects in its history.  The most recognizable project to those that visit our beautiful city is the Big Four Bridge.  We have constructed many other less recognizable, but no less unique projects, in our history as well.  From streetscape projects in downtown Louisville and historic Bardstown, Kentucky, to assisting other infrastructure contractors with specialized sheeting and piling solutions, we even partnered with a local maritime services company to rescue the American Queen when it became stranded on a sandbar in the Ohio River!

Shot of a steel bridge over a river

Here are examples of only some of the specialty construction solutions we offer:

  • Waterway rehabilitation & dredging
  • Emergency utility repairs & installation (sewer collapses, deep wells, etc.)
  • Hardscapes, fountains, streetscapes (See our Waterfront Botanical Gardens project on this site)
  • Marina construction
Front shot of a large brick building

Many of our specialty solutions are also incorporated into more conventional projects and are never seen by most.  We pride ourselves on being able to think outside of the box to assist our customers in overcoming unforeseen challenges on their projects.  Bring us a problem, and we will help you solve it!

detail shot of a wooden piece of construction
Specialty Construction Projects
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