Waterfront Botanical Garden

Waterfront Botanical Garden is one of the newest and highly anticipated attractions in the downtown area.  T&C was lucky to be given an opportunity to work on this project, an opportunity which stemmed from relationships created and nurtured during the construction of certain phases of Waterfront Park and the Big Four Bridge project.

This project was particularly interesting in the initial phases because it sits atop and old Louisville landfill!  Great care was taken in the design, engineering, and construction to install the necessary utilities and construct a “cap” over the old landfill.  Once the initial site development was completed, which included grading and pavement, T&C unleashed our talented specialties crews to construct many of the hardscape features, such as fountains, paver stone walkways, and the majestic stream that flows from the educational center and event venue all the way down to Beargrass Creek.

The Waterfront Botanical Garden was an instant hit with the residents and visitors of Louisville and T&C Contracting is proud of the work we’ve done to help that team build their dream!

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