Silvercreek Logistics Center

Silver Creek Logistics Center is another project constructed through our long-time partnership with Cambridge Construction.  Silver Creek Logistics Building A is a state-of-the-art 660,000 square foot warehouse designed to serve the growing logistics market here in the Louisville region.  This project consisted of mass grading, construction of detention basins, and truck staging lots.

T&C installed all the underground utilities such as sanitary sewer, storm sewer, domestic and fire protection water systems.  T&C also relocated existing utilities along the main highway to accommodate a future road widening, necessitated by the addition of not only Building A; but the future Building B which is currently in the design stage.  When completed the Silver Creek Logistics Center will provide a major distribution hub, created hundreds of jobs for the southern Indiana region.

T&C is very proud of our involvement in the project as well as our continued successful relationships with Cambridge Construction and the NAI Fortis development team.

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